Dienstag, 15. Dezember 2009


Cafe Carina, 16th December (Wednesday) -- I have organized a couple of bands of work colleagues to have an interesting evening:

Accoustic - Cabaret - Electronicnoisy - Stonerrock - Accoustic acts!

This is going to be interesting. Come over, have a beer and listen, after all it's a free show. I'll be starting the evening accoustically but nonetheless somewhat screamy at about 19:00 so be there early.



On Nov 15th -- thepeterchen entered the Emergenza bandcontest in Graz -- and who could have guessed, came in the next round (3rd place, no not out of three, out of eight or so).

!!! NEXT STOP January 15th, Graz, MOXX

Thanks for your support!

Montag, 27. Juli 2009


Sat, 25.7.2009 -- Bandcontest "Revolution Styria" in Graz, Hopfenlaube.

And what can I say, as if I knew it I'm in the next round!



Thank you very much for your votes, guys! It was GREAT fun for me, and as far I could tell from your faces you enjoyed it as well. Especially the Heavy Metal Pepi-Part hehe*

Dienstag, 9. Juni 2009

What's done is done



Show... great... even with a cold!

I will get the full video today, oh how I am looking forward to listening to this!
Even had a beer and cigarettes-abstinence for about 3 (!) weeks.


Mittwoch, 27. Mai 2009


A couple of texts of my rather finished songs:

****************************************** PHONE

To drown
is not the easy way
but who can choose?
to freeze
might look like an accident
to me
it makes no big difference to me
it happened at the same time
while getting a silver knife rammed in my backs
ouch that hurt

called my last seven long digits

i would have let everything go
if it wasn't for you on the phone
if it wasnt...

do i even want to know
why you picked up in the first place
probably curiosity
that saved my life
probably saved my life
and i can't recall
that anyone spoke to me like this for ages
by now i should be used to it
...you should think

i didn't feel so lonely for ages
as brave as anyone's been
i see my future again

WHOA! it can't be this long gone
thank you

i told you
i'd write this song for you eventually
so thank you
for holding my hand on the phone

****************************************** NEVERSINGFORYOU

Live long
or die soon

evening sun
my evening sun... away

do you still
remember the time
when you used to like
the image of the two of us in a mirror

i wake up
in the morning
and i go to bed
in an instant
to me it's all the same
all the grey
oh all the grey

and money
is not good luck
where have you been?

and it runs from me
it runs from me

come out and play green day
and i used to spin around in circles
never knowing what to do
when we danced... danced... and we danced

say, can you spare a moment?
(i'll spare it for you)

that's the song i wanted
that's the song i need
but you can't always go forcing it, can't you?

there goes harmony
and it runs from me

that's the song i wanted
do me one more favor and sing
no i won't do you this last favor
and i won't sing for you
do me this favor and sing

the image of the two of us in a mirror

****************************************** NO

Waiting for you for hours
wishing I brought you flowers
flesheating that's what i mean
why don't you
don't understand a nonverbal no?

what do you want from me?

go on and burn your lonesome life
keep us out and keep yourself locked in
there is no reason
there is no reason for you to talk to me you know

what keeps you thinking
you're running in circles only in my head
i saw you winking
it could mean anything but i seek my distance

have you ever heard -
do you understand the w-rrrrd

we're off for the final closedown
you're aiming - the final closedown
it's worth it
(shall i aim at you again?)
spare me i'm sick of all this

how can you convince me?
how can you convince me
not to shoot
not to shoot
not to shoot you... again?

my dear oh why don't you get lost?
bring you goodbye-flowers
waiting for you to jump off that tower
or do you see a nonverbal no?


what do you want from me?
turn you're everperfect life
keep us out and keep youself locked in

where is the reason?
i don't see any reason
why don't you act with reason
so much for the nonverbal no

i'm offering the final close now:
(you're aiming - the final closedown)
it's worth it
(shall i aim at you again?)
spare me, i'm fucking sick of it

how can you convince me -
how can you convince me
not to shoot
not to shoot
not to shoot

how will you convince me?
how will you convince me?
or will you...
or will you try to talk me out of it this time at all?

****************************************** SUMMERPLAN

buying seconds...
folding records...
this might be the summer of
whether summer or not
it has begun

come over make my summerplan and leave me
right around my june
yeah, there is sun!
why don't you see it?
yes there is sun!
clouds tend to grow until the rain
not unlike in your head

this year's winter lasts from then ... now ... to june
right around the...
i know my life will change in JUNE!

[undefined lala :)]

and it spins...
and it spins...
and it SPINS!

AH, come over make my summerplan and lead me
right around of june
distant lyrics (and i'm still stealing lyrics =>

once around the block
and then around the summer
(around the corner of summer)

goodnight my summer
around the corner

****************************************** WALKANDLEARN

it's allright with me
i will pack your bags and carry them personally
so that were the words i would have used
if i was a little more stupid (which i was)
i hate to be honest with you
but i think i'd do it
again... again.. again...
i know you don't mean it but i do

what a wonderful day for a walk
i'm euphorial, i'm euphorial
are you for real, are you for real,
just because something's passed
it doesn't make it allright
i got to know you at last
wounds don't heal, you just get used to them

i wake up in the morning and i go to bed
in an instant
it's all the same
it's all the same, i repeat
never, nevernevernevercallmeagain!!

but in the end, who cares?
but in the e-and, who cares?
(a)b(o)ut you
hey you tough one...
i want to see the look on your face
when they tell you

what a wonderful day for a walk
i'm euphorial, i'm euphorial
i'm yours for real, i'm yours for real
just because something's passed
it doesn't make it allright
so now we're here at last
we're still not learning

like back in school
and still we're not learning
not learning...
not learning...

****************************************** ASTOUNDINGS

it starts all over
and i fall again
some say a beginning gets you closer
i say a beginning is an end

goodbye my love
goodbye and back to my life in tragedy

contest of love
or so it seems

and i know that the stakes are too high
and i know that i'm losing this time

potion of eloquency

the three kept on playing
the end
i guess praying

bring back the key
that was the last word
i can't hear it

it starts all over

life is short so make it fast
goodbye my love
goodbye to my life in tragedy

there's nothing i can't handle
there's nothing i can't do
there's nothing i can't handle
and besides -
what else should i do?

confession of inadequacy
extol mental buerocracy

****************************************** COMPLIC AIDED

No really, everything's fine.

Wonderous impressions
that nobody else seems to have
Wonderous expression
that cannot be kept by human mind
Silly obsessions
burnt to memory
indestructible, except for
time my enemy

and suddenly they were all around
there goes their filth
like waking up from a lifelong coma
and not only that, they were smling
but not only that, they were smiling, what a welcome

maybe no one ever reached more acceptance in one day

i'm burning out
maybe no one ever will be free
sit and get on my nerves for merely hours
why do i deserve this and

why would you run away with me
what did i do
should have complic aided me?

that pair on fire
between those city walks
all between
oh between

forget fucking unbeliever
bullet prover
in boots
those timefolds, ninevolts, steinbolts, steinbolts!
timevaults, ninevolts, finebones, steinbolts!

talking to me for hours
when will you see
what did i do deserve this?

why would you run away with me
what do i do?
should have compli-fuckin-


Dienstag, 26. Mai 2009

Horray for playblasts!

Man, I was so worried about my voice.. Will it hold? Will it survive through more than three songs?
The first five songs alone in my setlist are quite... demanding in a vocal way.
But after a couple of times going through the set I can clearly say: It will be good! Ok, I can't do everything like in the studio recordings, but a straddle (is that a word?) between Turin Brakes and Opeth is quite an excersise hee hee....

I think most voices break down because singers cannot hear themselves on stage and try to sing harder (so at least they hear what they are singing) - which is ok, if your setlist is two songs long.

The setlist by the way is --- is it long? I don't know, that's the first playlist I made, but my guess without the inbetween sillytalk is about 90 minutes or so...

Freitag, 17. April 2009

Allright, let me share this one with you...
The first of a couple of accoustic death metal tryouts. Well, it's a cover version by one of my favourite bands, Extol


Montag, 6. April 2009


So mr. I finally got himself a first official gig:

June 3rd, 2009
Cafe Carina, Vienna:


But to be honest, I think there will be a listening thingie before that, maybe in Graz, probably in JazzSofa, Vienna.. letsseeletssee..

Dienstag, 3. Februar 2009

Playback live.... oh no!

Allright, it's going better than planned. I will and nobody can stop me sit every day now until 2h in the morning to mix my songs.

Oh, I didn't explain that yet: It's quite complicated to perform as a solo artist. At least, I imagine so.
First of all, all eyes are on you and it is probably easy to be scared shitless.
Secondly, if you heard my songs - some of theme are quite heavy on... well.. more than one voice ;)= so I need playback:

* Voice
* Acc. Guitar

* Background Vocals
* Addl. Instruments etc.

But not just simple playback that can be played from a mp3 player.
Since there are usually no beats to hang on to I'll need to have the whole song in my ear. By that I mean: What if I play just guitar and sing to that - and after 43 secs I'll have a chorus. Ok, I could do that with a simple metronome in my ear. But if I miss just ONE beat, the chorus will be on the wrong spot and I don't need that.

Hey, thanks for listening. It's always better to write this stuff down, maybe I find something with optimizing potential.

Montag, 2. Februar 2009


Whew. First post, first blog ever.
So let me tell you, beloved world, about my musicalities.
I've been making music for ten years now and last year finally found my style. Which as you can imagine is quite unique. (Yeah, two "Q"s after each other...) but HA! As if nobody tried this one before. Creating some new music style. But for me it happened without wanting it:

Extreme variations in desire for soundexplosions in my ganglia was distilled into a kind of mixture that got stuck on the lighter side of music, meaning: rather accoustic.
So the style I would probably best describe with "Accoustic voicestorm"

So. Currently working on my first reallyreally goodlooking demotape with photoshooting, cdprinting... and well most of all... let's see how many tracks there will be on my album.
And how, oh how shall I call it? Fuck me, I have no idea. Can you say 'fuck' on a blog like this? Well lets try to stress the online censorship hee hee hee...


* Opeth
* Behold... the Arctopus
* Periphery
* SikTh
* Callisto

* System of a Down
* Soundgarden
* Grungey things

* Turin Brakes
* Norah Jones

* Eric Whitacre