Donnerstag, 27. Mai 2010


Anyone listening to Soundportal on Sunday, May 16th, 10:00?
Well, I am proud to announce that "lonelysquid" was played there. And all it cost was 2.000,-
No, seriously, they liked it and played it for free.

ps. If I were a gay zombie, I would definately marry Claude Debussy's zombie! what music he made!

newsong! plus, the mixes! the mixes!

i't's been lying around the thing called "maya".
inspired by a song my father wrote two years before I was born - "my little boy". how sweet.

now, with the mighty mighty powers of the digitalofen I entered the next level of mixing. HA! what good can it be, I thought. But alas - there it is, and while I was at it, I took a shot at remixing thebomb. and lonelysquid as well.
Who could have guessed there was still some bass in these lines?


Donnerstag, 20. Mai 2010

Greencoustics - free show!

* Friday - June 4th, 19:00
* Cafe Carina, U6 Josefstädter, Wien
* Acts:

Haderer erzählt (vocalities -
Red Chamber (dark ambient electronic soundscapes)
thepeterchen (accoustic madness -
-e- (12string "das gegenteil von partymusik")
Weird (world rock -