Freitag, 5. Februar 2010

Lyrics - thebomb.

newsong. THEBOMB.
if not here, then there =>


come on
take me on
been away for too long

wait for and i maybe never arise
far my friend, but think
it's not the end

want to be hold on me i'm on it now

and there a thousand roses bloom for me
this vision.
this vision like thousands
let's call it innervision

winter's here in january
i cannot take you with me

oh there goes your promise
betrayed me under my own sun
don't stop holding hands
complicated me

rushing through my head
in slow motion it will arise
like in in-time
like a clock without set alarm / set the lights
like a bomb without a detonator

with a.....

like a bomb without satellites
like a selfmade bomb
ready to explode
ready to explode

thirteen days passing by
i'm still waiting to explode
ready to ready to...