Dienstag, 3. Februar 2009

Playback live.... oh no!

Allright, it's going better than planned. I will and nobody can stop me sit every day now until 2h in the morning to mix my songs.

Oh, I didn't explain that yet: It's quite complicated to perform as a solo artist. At least, I imagine so.
First of all, all eyes are on you and it is probably easy to be scared shitless.
Secondly, if you heard my songs - some of theme are quite heavy on... well.. more than one voice ;)= so I need playback:

* Voice
* Acc. Guitar

* Background Vocals
* Addl. Instruments etc.

But not just simple playback that can be played from a mp3 player.
Since there are usually no beats to hang on to I'll need to have the whole song in my ear. By that I mean: What if I play just guitar and sing to that - and after 43 secs I'll have a chorus. Ok, I could do that with a simple metronome in my ear. But if I miss just ONE beat, the chorus will be on the wrong spot and I don't need that.

Hey, thanks for listening. It's always better to write this stuff down, maybe I find something with optimizing potential.

Montag, 2. Februar 2009


Whew. First post, first blog ever.
So let me tell you, beloved world, about my musicalities.
I've been making music for ten years now and last year finally found my style. Which as you can imagine is quite unique. (Yeah, two "Q"s after each other...) but HA! As if nobody tried this one before. Creating some new music style. But for me it happened without wanting it:

Extreme variations in desire for soundexplosions in my ganglia was distilled into a kind of mixture that got stuck on the lighter side of music, meaning: rather accoustic.
So the style I would probably best describe with "Accoustic voicestorm"

So. Currently working on my first reallyreally goodlooking demotape with photoshooting, cdprinting... and well most of all... let's see how many tracks there will be on my album.
And how, oh how shall I call it? Fuck me, I have no idea. Can you say 'fuck' on a blog like this? Well lets try to stress the online censorship hee hee hee...


* Opeth
* Behold... the Arctopus
* Periphery
* SikTh
* Callisto

* System of a Down
* Soundgarden
* Grungey things

* Turin Brakes
* Norah Jones

* Eric Whitacre